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Old Topic: Custom Nation Titles

Enderis Park
07-06-2004, 17:06
This is an older topic but I can't find the link. In the Settings menu, there is a place where you can change your nation title from something like The Democratic States of Enderis Park to something like The Republic of Enderis Park. This does nothing but make the nation sound cooler.
Recently, I got my nations back from the dead and when I looked up my cousin's nation, Ienotheisa, and found that he had a cool title, The Ky vasatine sythi ienosa of Ienotheisa. When I looked in his region, I found that almost all the nations had custom titles.
How do you get the cool custom titles. If anyone can tell me this or link me to the old topic, it would be greatly appreciated.
Yours Peacefully,
07-06-2004, 17:24
You have to have 500mil. population or over, then you can type in the title you want.