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Plumbers Union
06-06-2004, 15:07
Anyone know what the nationstates XML feed is?
06-06-2004, 16:34
Nation Data (xml feed)

Region data (xml feed)
Unfree People
06-06-2004, 16:35
What it is, or where it is? It is a collection of nation data ( and region data ( that gives you some information not found on the regular spotlight, and allows you to pull the information to write a script to keep your website up to date.

Edit: bah @ Spoffin! oh well, my answer was better :P
Plumbers Union
07-06-2004, 03:29
14-06-2004, 14:43
ah thank you that was what I needed to thanks Spoffin and Unfree People. :D
14-06-2004, 22:14
does anyone here know where to put those codes if you are making a table like what Mertis have?
14-06-2004, 22:21