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Why am I getting the same issues again? (Part 2)

05-06-2004, 19:11
I didn't realise this game was so primitive. What a disappointment.
Tuesday Heights
05-06-2004, 19:16
I didn't realise this game was so primitive. What a disappointment.

Sometimes it happens, ok? Read the announcements and such on the bug, and whatnot. Besides which, there's currently 100 issues in circulation, and more are being added but it takes time.

If you think it's "primitive," go find a more "advanced" game to play. :wink:
The Schizoid
05-06-2004, 19:17
While there are 100+ issues, only some are viable for each nation type. Also, you'll get repeats anyway, as it's fairly random.

As for being 'primitive', all the coding is done by two or three people (right? Sal, [dredd], and maybe [violet]) in their free time. Give them a break.

As a final note, some nations seem to favor some issues. Different people have said that they get the same issue again and again.

...and TH and I post at the same time...whoopee.
05-06-2004, 19:19
Every week or so, someone posts a question along the following lines:

"I keep getting the same issues over and over again. What's up with that?"

Granted, some are more or less polite about it, but the question remains. So, let's answer it once and for all, and be done with it.

There is a limited number of issues. At the writing of this announcement, there are around 90 issues for the game to choose from.
Not all nations qualify for every issue.
If you're a capitalist country, you don't qualify for issues about introducing capitalism.
If you're a democracy, you don't qualify for issues about granting people the right to vote.
If you have destroyed <insert industry here> you don't qualify for issues specific to <insert industry here>.
In other words, some issues have a "validif" phrase. If you don't meet its requirements, you can't get it.

Brand new nations only receive the original 30 issues.
Since issues are assigned randomly, you will get repeats. The game engine doesn't check to see if you just got said issue, all it cares about is if you qualify for said issue.
Everyone who's been playing for awhile has a specific issue that they seem to get constantly. For me, it's Harry Potter Censorship Row.
Yes, new issues are being added. However, only a handful of the Game Mods are coding them, so it takes time.
No, you can't help in any way, shape, or form. We're not being mean, we just have no way to give you access to issue editing without giving you access to all sorts of other Mod-things.
Please feel free to read the Stickies in this forum, as they have pretty much everything else you could want to know about Issues, including a list of them, and how to submit them.

The current number of issues is 135.

ON EDIT: Looks like Tuesday and Schizoid beat me here....*practices submit reflexes*