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UN Rankings bug (yes, again)

Daistallia 2104
05-06-2004, 15:22
This is the third day in a row the UN ranking has not changed from Furniture Restoration. What*s up?
And please don't just say "it's random" again. There has been something low level but noticably wrong enough for others on my region's outside forum to comment on it over the last few months.

Can someone please check out the code?
Gothic Kitty
05-06-2004, 15:31
Smells like jolting :P
05-06-2004, 15:41
Yay! :)
05-06-2004, 16:34
There is already a thread on this subject -

- where Hack says the game admins have been alerted. Please continue discussion there.
Daistallia 2104
05-06-2004, 16:49
Wasn't titled as the same topic, so I missed it.
05-06-2004, 16:52
Wasn't titled as the same topic, so I missed it.

The bug is affecting a number of game areas, so I suspect there'll be many more threads about it...
Daistallia 2104
05-06-2004, 16:54
Probably. (oh and thank you for bringing the other thread to my attention. It was appreciated. :))
05-06-2004, 17:12
New regions are not getting a new UN Ranking at all, so this really looks like a system bug.