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Time Issues

05-06-2004, 05:25
Okay, I'm wondering about how long certain things take. For Instance, after you decide on what position to take on a issue, when does the legislation go through. 2. How long does stuff stay up for vote in the UN?
05-06-2004, 05:26
Issues are updated around 3:00 am PST

UN Resolutions remain for a....i dunno
05-06-2004, 15:45
I do know that resolution voting ends at exactly 5:00 PM ET on the last day of voting.
Unfree People
05-06-2004, 18:03
Issues are updated by region to region and could be as early as 3 pm EST or as late as 10.

Right know there's a problem ( with the updates, so your issues might not take effect until it's fixed... or again, they might.