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Suggestion, related to UN (ish?)

04-06-2004, 19:49
Currently the UN appears to be extraordinarily left wing. I don't know if this idea is really feasible, but it's just a thought I'm throwing out there. If it's not possible just say so *shrug*.

All the UN proposals thus far have all been voted the liberal view. Being right wing myself, I really don't like it. Anyways, I have an idea of how this could be dealt with.


Under a nation's description, there be a seperate paragraph outlining what modifications have been made to that nation through UN resolutions, but whether or not it will actually effect the civil rights/economy/political freedoms should be an option given to the nation itself. So you could choose for a resolution to not affect your nation in terms of the civil rights and stuff, but it would still be "implemented" in that it is mentioned in your nation's description. And yes, everyone's lil description in the UN would be the same. It's a few extra lines of text, I doubt it'd be that hard to implement? I may be wrong but....

Idea 2: (If the first one is not plausible for whatever reason)

If the above is not possible, then perhaps after each UN resolution is passed, perhaps wait 3 days or so before they are actually implemented? I don't believe changes made through UN resolutions will be changed by removing oneself from the UN, but at least this way, if a UN resolution passes and a nation dislikes it enough, they would at least have enough time to withdraw from the UN before it takes effect in their nation.

Agree? Disagree? At least leave comments though, no "yeah that's a good idea" or "no that sux" posts... say why...
Unfree People
04-06-2004, 20:43
I think the point of the UN system is to be affected by the decicions whether you like them or not; that's certainly how the RL UN works (tho I'll be the first to agree that this UN is vastly different from the RL one). If you're terribly upset by UN decisions, leave the UN (or make a UN puppet if it bothers you to keep your main nation in it).

Most of the players here are leftists, which would explain why the UN reflects that.