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Regional Voting

04-06-2004, 16:40
I want to bring regional voting into this "game". It would be cool to debate regional things like in the UN, but this would be smaller. In regional voting you would, for example, ban movies or only make ice cream avaliable on sundays and that sorta things but of course there has to be some serious issues to debate abut. I would also like to add famine or disasters to the game, it would give it some diversity, then, maybe, you could control what your country makes.

By regional voting i mean that instead of debating in the UN the regions would have its own voting priviliges that cannot be affected by anyone else in the world, maybe the UN if the resistance is to powerful.
04-06-2004, 16:45
Oh, joy, let me add another layer of other people foisting their ideas onto me! Sign me up for two heaping handfuls!
04-06-2004, 22:24
Oh, joy, let me add another layer of other people foisting their ideas onto me! Sign me up for two heaping handfuls!

I'm guessing they are saying no. :D
I don't tink a regional vote is the answer to anything. The answer is o fix the voting system in the UN.
04-06-2004, 22:40
I would suggest posting this in the technical forum because this sounds like a drastic change in game mechanics.

Bob Flibble
UN Rep.
Rogue Nation of Flibbleites
New Cyprus
05-06-2004, 00:45
It sounds interesting, but it sounds like it would take a lot of work! But I personally see no reference to this other than a fun little toy. And the only real areas it would have a serious impact/be really intersting is in big regions, where there would be lots of different views! That is just my views, though. ;)
Unfree People
05-06-2004, 04:52
You could set up a manual system to do this... like make it part of your regional government to debate on and follow certain policies as part of your role-play. Regional forums are helpful for that, if you don't have any, both and are good hosts.
05-06-2004, 05:19
When I first started playing Nationstates I had an idea similar to this, only mine involed the creation of an empire that would control nations in other regions. However, after I played the game for a while, my spitit was eventually crushed and now stuff like this seems like just wishful thinking.

I would support your idea all the way though....

I know, let's you and me go to war with the architechts themselves and make this happen!