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Multiple Posts

04-06-2004, 09:11
I've been seeing a lot of double posts in these forums, and in some cases more than double. Most memorably, the thread debating the Public Domain UN resolution had something like a dozen duplicate posts from the same nation at one point.

I thought this was strange, since there's a button on the top right of all of your own posts which allows you to delete them. Is there some rule against deleting posts around here? I saw a vague inference that deleting posts was frowned upon in the Tech forum FAQ, but there was nothing concrete. It seems like this function of the boards would be a good way to deal with multiple posts.
04-06-2004, 09:51
A couple reasons dbl posts don't always get deleted:

1) Only the last post on a thread can be deleted, so if someone posts after you then they are stuck there.

2) Sometimes you don't notice, especially if someone posted between them.

3) When the server drops you, it usually lasts a while. That, combined with #1 or wandering off elsewhere, can mean they don't get deleted.

4) Some people might not know about the del button (yes it's just sitting htere, but you have to look for it first some people just edit it to say "Double Post" or something like that).

5) I'm sure there are at least a couple people who don't mind having a few extra posts.
06-06-2004, 07:47
Ah...I didn't know you could only delete the last post in a thread. On some other message boards I frequent, you can always delete any of your own posts, and I assumed it was the same here. That, combined with the slowness of the Forum would result in a lot of unrepairable multiple posts.