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World Court Proposal for UN (Is this possible?)

03-06-2004, 21:01
Ok, I had this idea and I was directed here to propose it. I haven't really thought alot about this, but it could be a start.

I was slightly annoyed by the fact that the UN is passing resolutions that either contradict past resolutions, or overrule state sovereignty. I propose creating a World Court of sorts. Maybe something similar to the US Supreme Court. The World Court would be composed of some players (UN Members) and maybe mods, if they are interested. The players could rotate in and out of the court perhaps.

Bascially, the Court would look over proposals that have passed, but could not change decisions passed in the past (this way we can avoid a technical headache with changing all member nations' current stuff). The Court would hear arguments for and against the resolution that passed, and decide whether it withstands UN Charter and Resolution integrity and does not infringe on the individual nation's right to sovereignty. Proposals that fail this test, would be rejected and would not become part of the UN rules/charter. It would be a check and balance system to what seems to be a pretty uber-powerful and controling UN.

Of course, the Court would be made of a representative sample of the UN population. A minority would be seen, and heard. This way, I think, we might have less problems in the UN with people bickering and threatening to leave because, for example, a pro-abortion resoltion was passed that did not allow nations to determine whether that moral issue was something it wanted to have. I'm guessing that people will go for it if its done right. A World Court does already exist, so maybe we can try doing some RP with one we create?

Is this something that could possibly happen. This idea obviously needs tweaking and perhaps a decent overhaul to be 'fair.' It would also probably need its own forum just so it wouldn't interfere with the UN posts.

What do you guys think?
03-06-2004, 21:44
The entire point of the NationStates United Nations is to infringe on national sovereignty - if you don't like it, you should resign therefrom.