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Anon. Proxy Question.

26-05-2004, 15:53
Mainly directed at Salusa, but would someone be able to use an anonymous proxy server to alter their IP address, well they can, but then would that render NS I.P bans useless. I only ask because someone on a different forum, which has a hacking theme so I don't want to post the link, has asked a question, specifically mentioning NS, on how to alter his IP address, I was too late to tell people on the forum not to tell him, he wasn't specific on there what he wanted it for, but because he blured speech it becomes fairly obvious, he said this: -

1)I would like to make my ip adress diffrent that people see over the internet. How can I do this?

2) I am a spy on nation states spies that are caught can be Ip banned from of site forums or recognized by ip's I want to have it changed seeing as people are distriputing my ip for inappropriate purposes.

3)it is on Nation States it takes to long to explain all i want to know is how to set up a proxy.

The second post is quite funny, anyway just wondered.