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Political parties and "private donations"

Tribal Ecology
24-05-2004, 12:26
Hey there. I made it illegal for political parties to receive "private donations", meaning there will be no capitalists and other scumbags paying for greedy and corrupt politicians to be elected.
It's what happens in the USA, for example, with tobacco industry and other industries and private corporations paying governments for support. Normally these industries and governments do anything for money and don't care a bit about the people they are meant to serve and provide for. But that's the way they get money for advertising unfortunately...
Look at Ralph Nader's Green party. He fights corruption, so he doesn't accept "gifts" from unholy corporations and look how many ads there are of his party? He is the probably the most socially and environmentally minded politician (as opposed to fascist capitalist politician) out there and look how many (intelligent) people vote for him.

Receiving "donations" is basically corruption.

Now I don't understand is why after I denied political parties to receive bribes (and giving them like 5 minutes per day of advertising on public channels, which is what happens in Portugal), which should help democracy, my government turned into a sprawling, bureaucracy-choked, socially-minded morass and the political freedoms of my country went below average when they should go higher (since the lack of bribes and corruption makes it equal for all political parties).

The issue had two more options: No elections at all or bribes for everyone I think. So this option should be the one that gives best political freedoms.

I ask that this "bug" is fixed. It's unrealistic.

Thank you for your time

Rodrigo Costa, Voice of the Free People of Tribal Ecology
Tuesday Heights
24-05-2004, 15:44
Sometimes the national descriptions just mess up with the issue choices selected. If you visited the Got Issues? forum, you'd know this. :P
25-05-2004, 10:59
mwwahaha the issues are made to force you to an extreme opinion like this, at least thats what i heard.
25-05-2004, 14:16
No, this option restricts political freedoms.

Fewer legal things to do to effect politics = Lower political freedoms.

Also note, we aren't saying that this has hurt your democracy (the other parts may not be fully related) just how it effects your political freedoms. Theoretically you could make it legal to assasinate your leader if you don't like him . . . . that would definitely raise each citizens political freedoms . . . but would probably not help the democracy.

You have to remember that freedoms are often abused and can result in corruption.
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