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Not receiving any new issues

Short Indian women
21-05-2004, 04:57
I am not receiving any new issues and I am scheduled to receive two per day. Three days ago I received one, which I answered right away, but it still says "legislation pending". Any ideas what the problem could be?
21-05-2004, 06:47
your on Vacation mode?
Liverpool England
21-05-2004, 09:46
Try checking your settings.
Short Indian women
21-05-2004, 16:09
I am still not receiving issues. I have checked my settings, which look in order and I am not on vacation mode. The one issue I did respond to days ago is still pending.
The Acutely Obtuse
21-05-2004, 20:30
Short Indian Women, You appear to be suffering from the same bug I am: Known bug #3. I haven't gotten my problem resolved either... yet.

You can read my post (it is listed just above yours) to see if any of those suggestions help you.
Liverpool England
22-05-2004, 01:22
SIW: Move out of your region then move back in.
New Andmerica
22-05-2004, 01:30
try switching between vacation mode on and off
Liverpool England
22-05-2004, 01:53
try switching between vacation mode on and off

This is, as of currently, not an officially advised action.

Short Indian women
22-05-2004, 16:08
Thanks for all the help. I moved to a different region and I finally received more issues.
New Andmerica
23-05-2004, 07:22
I am just saying i had the bug before and i fixed it that way.