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Newbie wanting to learn

21-05-2004, 02:20
I joined this site and thought it was very cool right away, but I also found it to be very complecated once I got into specific details of the game. I.E when I was reading these threads. So can someone try to explain a few of the more technical details of this game? It would be greatly appreciated.
Tactical Grace
21-05-2004, 02:24
Your question is best answered in the Technical Forum. I will move your thread there for you. :)

Tactical Grace
Forum Moderator
Liverpool England
21-05-2004, 09:54
If you just want to have fun, the game's design is very simple, and it should be easy for you to make your way around. However, many nations decide to use the forums -
NationStates, where everything is RolePlay; and you are advised to avoid joining topics with the tag [Closed RP] or [Private RP], but feel free to post a very informative post on your nation and how you want it to be when RPing; while remembering that your country is young and shouldnt have things like a 400 000 military;
International Incidents, where war and conflict, as well as trading and storefrontss for weapons go, again this is RolePlay so do not exceed the boundaries, or you may be looked upon as a godmodder, or a n00b - someone who doesnt play by the rules [even though there are no fixed rules, basic Roleplaying etiquette is enforced];
The United Nations, if you are a UN member, discuss proposals here, remembering there IS a rule that you may only have ONE nation in the UN at any time;
Gameplay, if you're looking for a specialised region this is your place;
Technical, here, you need help, you post and we'll give it to you;
Moderation, where you go to report spam, or unwanted guests in topics you may have started;
Got Issues, if you have any issues with the issues you receive [apologies for the horrible, horrible.... pun, if you like], come here and post your grieveances;
Archive, where old long-time threads go, you may want to look in here to get a feel for RP;

If you're not a RolePlay guy, there's the General forum, shunned by most RPers. Talk about anything and everything here.

Remember: No porn, no spamming, no beaking the rules - seen in the FAQ and ToS - and reading the topics with a blob or exclamation mark next to them will help you just fine. Enjoy your stay and welcome to the game!
Liverpool England
21-05-2004, 09:58
In game:
Certain regions also have their own off-site message boards. Here you might be able to find RP; so if you don't like RP, as always, go to a more general region - or create your own.

It should also be noted that the forum's and game's servers can be VERY slow at times; and in the coming month or so will experience downtime of up to three days as the game and forums shift to a new server - after which the game and forums should run smoothly. Is there anything i havent covered?