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help: cant get nation deleted (Auto Login problem)

De Hagedismensen
19-05-2004, 13:53
i have 2 nations but i only want to keep one. i know that if u dont log into ur nation for so many days it gets automatically deleted but wenever i come onto nationstates it appears automatically and i have to log into the nation i want to keep. how can i get rid of this nation since i cant even log out of it? please let me know if u know how

[Moderator Edit - Cogitation] I changed the title of the topic to something a bit more relevant to the problem. I'll also let SalusaSecondus know about this, as I'm not sure what the solution is to this problem. [/modedit]
19-05-2004, 14:01
De-activate auto-login under "Settings".
Gothic Kitty
19-05-2004, 14:44
And activate the other nation. 8)