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I'm doing something illegal... please help me (not doing it)

17-05-2004, 00:34
I'm sorry... I kind of missunderstood one of the rules and applied all my 3 nation to UN!!! Now that I know I'm not supposed to do it (I just read it :( ) how can I just undo my applicattion???
Well... I know UN will accept me and send me an e-mail... will it be ok if I just ignore the e-mail with 2 of my nations and join with just one? or do I have to do something more?
Well... I hop to see some answers!!! ;)
Unfree People
17-05-2004, 00:50
Unfree People
17-05-2004, 00:51
Did you apply with the same email address three times? Then two of them will be rejected automatically - just a telegram informing you you can only have one UN nation... nothing serious.

Even if it was three different email addresses, you're still fine. The rules only apply if you have more than one nation join the UN - you can apply as many nations as you want.
17-05-2004, 02:54
ok... thank you... it was 3 different e-mails... but now i will only enter with one nation and just leave this one and the other one out!!!