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Not only my nation, but also my *region* has disappeared!

11-05-2004, 15:56
As announced above, my nation Freefall has vanished,
but I have just found that my region - The Free Orbital States -
has disappeared too. Granted, it has become somewhat
depopulated lately (just one nation left), but still.... :D
I haven't done anything to warrant deletion, so I must
assume either a bug or malicious intent.

President "Where have my people gone?" Dave
Gothic Kitty
11-05-2004, 16:04
<----- Not a moderator

Have you been inactive for 28 days, or longer?
11-05-2004, 16:08
Was this deleted nation the only one in the region? Regions are deleted on the next update if there are no nations in them.
Gothic Kitty
11-05-2004, 17:42
<------ Not a moderator

This case is solved :P