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07-05-2004, 03:01
I'm trying to load up a custom flag. I read the requirements, and the flag is 107x71 pictures and is a JPEG file and is flag-like and appropriate because it is just editing an existing flag. Alas, my flag doesnt show up right. In Paint (yes i'm very high-tech), I added text to the picture, but when i load up the image the text doesn't show up. Any ideas/suggestions/reasoning for why this is happening?
1 Infinite Loop
07-05-2004, 05:10
the flag must be.

No larger than 300x200 pixels
no larger than 5.5 K in file size

after you upload it successfully you must be sure to save by hitting the update button.

and then right clik on your flag and select reload image.
07-05-2004, 14:33
Never mind my flag was correct when i logged on today. False alarm i suppose, i guess it takes a little while to change... :P