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Complicated UN membership problem

22-11-2003, 17:52
My nation was kicked from the UN about 3 months ago, along with another nation called Neconz. I understand perfectly that there is no way for me to put Polok into the UN. However the situation may be far more complicated that simple ejection. The reason I was kicked was beacuse the owner of Necronz asked me to look after his nation while he was away, so I logged onto his nation had a look at his telegrams etc. and logged back off. Unfortunately Necronz was in the UN, my IP address was registered on both Polok and Necronz.
Now, my question is, if i put one of my puppets in the UN, and the owner of necronz put one of his puppets in the UN, would these nations be kicked from the UN or deleted?
Does Nationstates trace IP addresses like a sort of road. I have drawn a diagram to demonstate my idea of the situation:

IP 1 = my IP
IP 2 = Necronz's IP

Would nationstates follow my puppets IP to Polok the trace it to Necronz then to Necronz's puppet, causing the kicking or perhaps deletion of mine and his nations?
22-11-2003, 18:08
As long as you're not logging into eachother's nations, then it should be fine.
22-11-2003, 18:53
You should be fine.
22-11-2003, 18:55
thanks for your help