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UN issue

22-11-2003, 07:56
I have noticed that I am currently set as endorsing the current Resolution. Thsi is probably because I endorsed it when it was a proposal, but some problems have shown up:

1. I cannot withdraw my endorsement of the Resolution

2. If I vote against it, I am shown on the "Delegate Votes" page as voting both for and against.

In addition, although my name and votes appear in the "Delegate Votes" page as "For", the voting system still tells me that my current setting is 'Undecided".

Is this a natural succession to endorsing a Proposal, or a bug?
22-11-2003, 15:57
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
22-11-2003, 17:16
I'll take a look at this when I have the chance, but I wouldn't be especially worried.
22-11-2003, 19:16
I don't think so, because I've endorsed the proposal, but I haven't voted for it yet (though I will tomorrow).

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