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ip logging, un person types, firewall, work, oh dear

21-11-2003, 16:20
Me and a freind who both work at the same office play nation states, our firewall masks ip addressess so that they appear to come directly from the firewall and I'm ultra paranoid that we're gonna get deleated!!!

If the risk is running high then I'll leave the UN and leave it upto my chummer to do the UN stuff

Answers quick would be uber cool
21-11-2003, 16:45
Ooh, thats a toughie. I believe that IPs aren't the only way that duplicate UN nations are detected, but I'd suggest you nicely ask a mod to check if the two of you both have the same IP address if you're nervous.
21-11-2003, 18:43
It is a good idea to not have two nations sharing the same ip. As mods we do not have any way of proving if it is in fact more than 1 person when hits show up on a UN scan. If you and your friend do ever show up on the scan, both of you will be ejected. One of you resigning is the best course of action.
24-11-2003, 17:57
okidokey thats me resigning now then.