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A Slight Difference

21-11-2003, 12:23
When I logged on, everything looked like my cookies had been deleted. (all the links were the same colour)

I checked and all the cookies were still there. The major thing I noticed was that my flag was at full size.

When I log in it is usually scaled down but is big to anyone viewing me. For some reason it was full size. Same case with my puppets.

Any ideas what's going on?
21-11-2003, 12:29
Did you reset your history? Defrag your computer?
21-11-2003, 13:26
it could have something to do with the UN rankings not updating. they haven't updated for 2 days.
21-11-2003, 13:28
Odd thing for myself today, the flag is larger then I have seen it since adding it.

I have NO idea what that means.
The Most Glorious Hack
21-11-2003, 14:48
[violet] made it so you'd see you flag at normal size.
21-11-2003, 15:00
ok then..... thanx hack.
21-11-2003, 15:54
[violet] continues to rock my world.
21-11-2003, 19:40
If you want the full explanation, it's explained here (