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Nation Growth Rates?

House Corino
19-11-2003, 21:41
As a rather scientific player, my chief scientists have tried to figure out the growth-math behind our nations.

House Corino is increasing at a rate of approximately 1.6241299% or 7/431.

I haven't checked other people's rates, but I imagine they are roughly the same.

Does this rate change with thoose immigration issues?
Does this rate become partially random (there are some spots where this rate doesn't work)?
Is this rate all random?
Who could I contact about this?
19-11-2003, 22:01
1. Issues do not affect the population
2 and 3. It's not completely random. As I recall, it settles into roughly seven million per day as it goes on.
4. No need to contact anyone really. This forum's here for your technical questions.
19-11-2003, 23:47
Now the official answers:

1) Issues do not affect population (currently)
2) This rate is partially random (roughly 3-7M a day IIRC)
3) Within the range, yes.
4) This forum, and through it, me.

However, your math isn't correct, as you are assuming exponential growth. Nation sizes grow linearly in NS (and yes, we know that this isn't realistic).
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