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Client tools for Nations

18-11-2003, 16:35
Our great nation propose a real project.

The NationStates gives us the posibility to store a limited number of telegrams, we can have a limited number of nations to our dossier and the list goes on. We could build a client tool for those who wants to download and keep the log of all telegrams our other logs.

I did some kind of aplications for my own but we need to make a public plan for this. If we decide on this topic that is necessary this kind of application and Jennifer aproves some kind of conectivity we can start onother topic to disscuss the project managent.

So?! :idea: :?:
18-11-2003, 16:37
MODALERT this goes in Technical. Other than that, great idea.
18-11-2003, 16:42
I think we can disscuss here the necesity of this tool and the effective project management we disscuss it on technical. Can't we?!
18-11-2003, 20:07
Duplicate topic

*does the lockomotion*

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