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Resurrection of Nations

17-11-2003, 20:57
So I think mods should see if nations have an e-mail set before they make them alive again. I never set e-mails, other then this one for the UN. So I got my old nations back but forget the password, it was deleted in January so I would, and never set a e-mail. Now it will just sit in lazarus till it gets deleted again. I say give the pass in the telegram, make sure there is an e-mail, or make it so people can use it again cause I want that name back but will never have.

Just my thoughts and rants
17-11-2003, 21:44
The mods don't hav access to your password - it's encrypted, so only the server can read it. They also can't set a new password.
18-11-2003, 00:49 least they need to delete nations that don't have e-mails set. People should state that when they ask for it to be back up.
18-11-2003, 00:50
Why? Most people will be able to remember the correct password, and thus don't require the email
19-11-2003, 18:59
Just a friendly reminder to people:

Always put an E-mail for all of your nations. If you forget your password, this is the one method we use to determine ownership.

Always use a password that is not easy to guess. Preferably 8 characters or longer with letters, numbers, and special characters. That way, nobody can guess your password and change the E-mail setting on your password.

Thank you.

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