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Flag Issues

16-11-2003, 20:35
I recently made a new flag, it had a shield and a toast and everything it was 4kb so it was under the maximum memory thing, but it just doen't update. I press update and it's still my toaster and on my nation page it's still the old one and I can't get the new one to post. I did everything it says to, I press ed the 'Create Your Own Flag' button and then I pressed 'Upload' then I uploaded the picture from my computer then I pressed 'Update' and it still was my old one. I've tried like 5 times.

Does anyone know how to get my new flag up?

HC Eredivisie
16-11-2003, 20:38
The Resi Corporation
16-11-2003, 20:41
It looks fine to me. Maybe you should delete your Temporary Internet Files.
16-11-2003, 20:47
That toaster is my old one. The one I want get rid of.
16-11-2003, 20:51
Yes, this has happened to me before as well.

Unless you just have to wait for a server update?
16-11-2003, 20:54
...So I should just wait until tommarow?
The Underground City
16-11-2003, 21:04
The change should take place immediately.
16-11-2003, 21:05
So what can I do to make that change happen?
The Underground City
16-11-2003, 21:08
I don't know what's wrong. It sounds like you've done everything right. You will have to wait for a mod to read this topic.
16-11-2003, 21:12
Henry Kissenger
16-11-2003, 23:40
it happens with me aswell and i don't know what to do.
17-11-2003, 06:31
This is a caching problem.

Solution (for IE users only):

In the "Tools" drop down menu, choose "Internet Options." On the window that pops up, push the "Settings" button (there is only one, it will be in the middle box about temporary fies/caching/history, I forget which). On that new new window, there is a bulleted list of choices, set this to "Update on every time I visit a page" or whatever the top option is, and you may also want to reduce the cahce size if it's above 50 megs (especially if you have a small hardrive). More then that is just unneccisary.