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I have 6 unadressed issues?

15-11-2003, 12:57
This old nation has 6 unadressed issues. I thought it was only possible to get five?

Besides, it's in vacation mode for some reason. I might have changed that myself and forgotten to change it back (somewhere in february-april).

Sorry if all this is old news to you.
Pope Hope
15-11-2003, 13:10
It's normal--since it was an issue that everyone had to (were privileged to lol) receive, it was added to your list of issues even though you already had the maximum 5. And yes the limit is still 5, with this exception.

It wasn't because you were in vacation mode; issues don't update or process when you have that box checked.

It's the same kind of thing that happens if your inbox is full and you receive a telegram from game staff or other official notice--Compliance Ministry TGs, Mod response/warning, etc.

Nothing to be worried about though. :)
15-11-2003, 13:20
Aha, I see! Thank you very much!

Lock or whatever, case closed.