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Currency exchanging rates

13-11-2003, 14:37
Is there any way we can get a standard exchanging rate on currency.

The capitalistic Fascistist of the Protectorate Of Feichmest are rich, But we'd really like to know HOW RICH.

Maybe select One currency as the standard, and then set an exchanging rate based on the nation's economical status?

Just an Idea.

Tom, El Jefe Feichmestian
13-11-2003, 15:03
One word:


Okay, so that's technically not a word, but you get the idea
13-11-2003, 15:57
Or you could just RP it. It isn't a bad thing that people are allowed diversity in the game, tho I understand it would be nice to have an exhacnge commonality.
Nag Ehgoeg
14-11-2003, 11:03
You could try, to get your GDP and work it out from there if all you want is a rough idea...[your nation here]
The Most Glorious Hack
14-11-2003, 11:10
Or, you could look into the Currency Exchange Thread. (
14-11-2003, 13:33
Haa haa... thanks... that's what i was looking for. Soo many threads.... only two eyes
The Most Glorious Hack
15-11-2003, 15:23
15-11-2003, 19:22
iSplit :arrow: "NationStates".

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