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You have 6 outstanding issues.

Crazy girl
13-11-2003, 11:08
You have 6 outstanding issues.

my nation aislin has 6 outstanding issues, but in the FAQ it says you can only have 5..
did something change, and did i miss it, or is this a mistake?
it really does have 6 outstanding issues..

mm, seems like more of my nations have it..
1 Infinite Loop
13-11-2003, 11:09
Crazy is CHeating!!!!!
Reploid Productions
13-11-2003, 11:11
It might have something to do with the super special anniversary issue everyone is rumored to be getting today.....

Crazy girl
13-11-2003, 11:12
that could explain it..
thanks ;)

lol, yep, it's an anniversary issue..
that'll teach me not to read my issues first..
1 Infinite Loop
13-11-2003, 11:14
aww, and I wanted to think crazy was cheatz0ring,
poo. :cry: