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Free Pacific States
13-11-2003, 03:20
I hate to say it people, but a lot of topic are really old, and haven't been touched in awhile. Look at it, answered technical forum questions, finished rps, international incidents that have been completed, etc. Someone should really start deleting these old posts. I mean, really, it's kind of sad that there are like 400 pages of topics in each forum.

Next, I propose that a new forum, perhaps, called the RP forum, for the thousands of RP games that occur in Nation States every day, be created. It would make life a lot easier for rpers...
13-11-2003, 03:21
NS and II are for RP, There are thread purges of inactive threads
Free Pacific States
13-11-2003, 03:25
Oh, good, then all my complaints have been answered before I made them. I guess Good Job Admin.

And speaking of old topics...THIS NOW IS ONE, DELETE ME!

PS: As in my topic, not my nation please :wink:
13-11-2003, 03:27
I don't think they purge smaller threads like this one, but I don't know there system. Might be "All locked threads older then 2 months" or so, so if this gets locked, goodbye