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Levels of Economy, Civil Rights, and Political Freedoms

Free Pacific States
13-11-2003, 03:13
I don't know about all of you, but some of the levels for the economy, civil rights, and political freedoms could go both ways (as in good or bad)
For instance
What does Economy: Frightening mean:
Its frighteningly bad
or its soo good its frightening

Or, how about Political Freedoms: world benchmark. Does that mean:
It sucks soo bad its at the level of a bench
It's soo good its the place all the world wants to be (to sit)

Please list these, or clear these questions up. Thats all, thanks again.

Oh yeah, keep up the good work admin!
13-11-2003, 03:18
there is already a list

I'll find the link

Edit: Here it is:
13-11-2003, 03:19
Economy is frighteningly good.
Political freedoms are high, so they're world benchmark.
Free Pacific States
13-11-2003, 03:23
Thanks, that clears everything up. And that definitly deserved to be stickied.
13-11-2003, 03:27
It already is; check out Scolo's sticky list. :)
Copiosa Scotia
13-11-2003, 05:30

n 1: a standard by which something can be measured or judged; "his painting sets the benchmark of quality"
13-11-2003, 06:28
Also, some of the not-so-good sounding names higher up and lower down are because "to much of a good thing..." (for example, widely abused civil liberties, or whatever it is thats above benchmark)