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Restoring DEATed Nations

True Korg
12-11-2003, 18:13
Once upon a time I was in possession of three nations, answering to the inspirational names of The First Korg, The Last Grok and Rgok. Then, due to reasons I not only cannot hereby mention but am also too ashamed to do so (had to foil a bloody alien attack, ended up blowing up Asia) (what, they didn't tell you?), I stopped using them, with the consequential DEATing (for such it is called nowadays, apparently; it wasn't, mind you, when I last logged in. Such is the way of abbreviations). Now I would very much like to revive them. I remember reading, eons ago, that deleted nations can be revived. Furthermore, allaying my fears (well, fine, minor discontent) , I found an obscure thread ( assuring me this can be done. Let my people be!


Pretty please?
12-11-2003, 18:19
There's a difference between DEATing and ceasing to exist. The first is also known as modbombed, where the mod deletes your nation. In this case, the mods will not restore your nation.
If your nation simply ceased to exist, you can file a request for your nation to be revived via the Getting Help page (via the FAQ)
True Korg
12-11-2003, 19:11
Well, I can hardly be held responsible for not keeping up with slang. I'll catch up, eventually. Or maybe I’ll invent a slang of my own, making sure nobody understands me. Anyway, thanks. :D I'll do as you recommended.