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Nation and Region searching efficiency proposal.

11-11-2003, 18:28
The way the system is running it makes it difficult to discover nations and regions. How does one find a region with like minded people? The numbers on the top are equally counterintuitive, for me to check all regions starting with the letter E i have to click something like 100 times.

I suggest an alphabetical listing of nations and regions with the Letters on top as index.

Also a search by political persuation or a combination of factors such as "nations with the best weather + Psychotic dictatorship"

Hope this makes sense.
11-11-2003, 18:41
Well, the letter thing would be nice, the searching by factors isn't going to happen (at least I'd be surprised if it does) do to server load. However, a way to find regions and natios is to do the following Google searches: +region <search text> +Spotlight <search text>
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