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My un catagory

11-11-2003, 11:20
im an inoffensive centrist democracy, but ive seen deocratic socialists with lower civil rights ratings than me, how can i change my un catagory to something other with a beter civil rights rating?
11-11-2003, 13:35
It's all in the issues you choose. If you want to read up on which issues have which effects, I suggest perusing the Got Issues ( forum.
All Cat Lovers
11-11-2003, 14:34
I'm going to check it out, thanks I never knew that!
11-11-2003, 19:45
ive done all that, but nothing ever happens
11-11-2003, 23:57
It can take time. Just keep votng on issues in the way you think leads to what you want and see what happens.