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What is "Basket Case" economy?

Red Syndicate
10-11-2003, 23:43
:?: really, I want to know. :?:
The Basenji
10-11-2003, 23:44
The worst kind of econmy you can get.
Red Syndicate
10-11-2003, 23:45
I thought imploded was..... you Sure?
The Basenji
10-11-2003, 23:47
I thought imploded was..... you Sure?

Your right. Let me pull up the econmy listings for you.
The Basenji
10-11-2003, 23:54

That's the list.

10-11-2003, 23:57
Basket case.

An old war term. Someone beat up so badly, usually from a mine, usually missing limbs, that they had do be hauled off in a basket because they would fall off of a stretcher. Usually has mental problems later too.

So, basket case is really bad. ;)
11-11-2003, 13:15
Pretty sure my economy missed Basketcase and headed striaight to imploded.... lucky me.

Good to know it is possible to bring it back up again, though, as it is now transitioning through simply weak.