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No UN Compliance telegram issue fixed, maybe

10-11-2003, 15:24
I looked for the sticky thread that initially asked for volunteers around this, and it appears to have disappeared, or I am simply incomptent :). I volunteered as one who hadn't received any compliance telegrams in months and months. I did receive one for the last UN issue. Imagine my surprise! If I get one this Friday, too, I'll call it officially fixed! (at least for me ;))
10-11-2003, 15:26
Yeah, according to [violet], it was fixed.

Something about nations not receiving 2 issues/day having a problem if the resolution passed during the update in which they didn't receive an issue

I'll try and dig out the thread
10-11-2003, 17:54
Groovy. Thanks. I missed the update about what the problem was.
10-11-2003, 18:10
Pheobos is correct. That is the cause, and it has been fixed.
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