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Issues not updating

10-11-2003, 15:22
This looks like the old bug where "legislation pending" stays on for days, however the difference is that the nation is still ranked by the UN. It seems to have begun at the time that the national pretitle was changed. It is occurring in this nation and others. Moving out of the region and back again did not fix it. Are others having the same problem? Please advise.
10-11-2003, 15:24
Could you please check to see whether your nation is in vacation mode?

The coding on that was changed too: nations in vacation mode don't update issues anymore (which is the way it was intended originally).

11-11-2003, 04:50
Something to mention about this problem in general -- many people don't realize that by default you don't get new issues on the weekends. You need to change your nation's Settings if you want issues every single day.

Most reports of this problem come in on Sundays and Mondays. ;)
11-11-2003, 14:18
In my case it was the Vacation Mode setting. Thanks for pointing that out.

For a long time it hadn't really mattered whether you were in vacation mode or not except for your idle time grace period. So I hadn't ever turned it back off. Now it's all set and I even noticed the notice about vacation mode when I looked at my issues page.