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Please add Enodia's sticky to the proposal submission page

08-11-2003, 20:08
Since a lot of people that submit proposals don't read the forums, I think Enodia's sticky in the UN forum should be added to the page so people know what constitues a valid proposal and will stop submitting stupid proposals.

I would add the line in bold to the submission would read as follows:
Create a New Proposal

Detail your proposal below. If enough UN Delegates approve it, it will eventually be promoted to a Resolution, on which the entire UN will vote.

The proposal's Category dictates what sort of effect this will have on nations if it is passed. For example, an Environmental proposal increases the quality of nations' environments, but restricts their industry. You are also able to select the strength or type of effect. In the case of Environmental proposals, you can choose which industry/ies will be affected.

The Description should be your justification for why this proposal will improve the world (ahem).

Note: You must be a UN member and possess two endorsements to lodge a proposal.


Inappropriate proposals will be removed. This includes proposals that:

suggest changing how the game works (use the Forum instead)
contain descriptions that do not match the category and effect
are not worthy of the UN's consideration

For more information on what constitutes an inappropriate proposal, see here (


Category: - Select Category -

Resolution Name:
Proposed by the @@TITLE@@ of @@NAME@@.

I don't think the coding would be too difficult.
08-11-2003, 21:28
good plan :)
08-11-2003, 22:10
Please do [violet]!
08-11-2003, 22:40
I have suggested this to [violet]
08-11-2003, 23:02
I have suggested this to [violet]

Thank you!