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What can we do?

Catholic Europe
07-11-2003, 18:51
Recently (within the last couple of weeks), the site has been very slow (getting into the forums). I normally come into the forums at 5pm (GMT time) or right now. Usually I have no problems and the forums work at perfect speed until about 10pm GMT. However, I am now finding it more and more difficult to get into the forums because the site is so slow.

Is there any thing that can be done to speed the forums back up? Do we need another purge to get rid of some 'excess weight'. What can be done? I would rather not experience another snail-like NS as I experienced over Christmas last year.

(P.S: Not sure if this goes in Moderation or Technical, please move if necessary).
07-11-2003, 23:39
Tech's the right place for it.

I've found almost the opposite. This site seems to be fairly reliable these days, unlike a while back, when it was almost impossible to access the forums. I normally have no access problems until about 20:00, and they tend to clear up by about 22:30, so I just tend to avoid them for this period.

From my experience, it's not usually the volume of data that slows things down so much as the number of persistent connections. There are more people using NS, and thus the likelyhood of slowing down is higher.

Having said that, I could be wrong. My general feeling, however, is that without an increase in server capacity (which takes money, naturally) no significant increase in speed will be acheived.
Catholic Europe
10-11-2003, 17:58

Just wondering if any admin could respond to this, especially over the suggestion of another post purge.
10-11-2003, 19:20
I don't think the size of the database has much to do with the performance.
Catholic Europe
10-11-2003, 19:39
I don't think the size of the database has much to do with the performance.

Not sure if what I am about to say is connected, but here goes:

what was the point of the post purge if it did not help speed up the server?!
10-11-2003, 20:07
A purge of all of search terms was performed when the site was down last, and has resulted in noticible (at least for me) speed improvement. We're still looking for a better long term solution.
Tech Modling
11-11-2003, 13:13
Perhaps a new wheel and hamster?

Just kidding, this game is great and it is awesome for Max to provide all of us users with connections for no costs. I do like the idea of paypal donations to pay for improvements, I would be curious as to how much $$$ that would raise. At least a penny or two I would assume...