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UN Delegates

05-11-2003, 20:19
how do u become a un delegate for your region?
05-11-2003, 20:42
To become Delegate, you have to have more endorsements than any other UN member in your region. Endorsements can only be given by UN members to other UN members.

I have just looked at your region, "The Dominion Overlords": You are the only UN member present in your region and, therefore, cannot get any endorsements at all. Someone in your region has to enter the UN and endorse you or a UN member has to move into your region and endorse you.

This is a technical question (even though it pertains to the UN). Hence, iMove :arrow: "Technical".

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05-11-2003, 20:44
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05-11-2003, 21:45
And remember that you can only sign up once. Unless your work has about 50 computers with all slightly different IP addresses...

No, one UN Nation maximum per player, regardless of how many computers / IP addresses that person has. I've seen people get kicked out of the UN for cheating by having more than one UN nation while using multiple computers.