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Custom Flags

05-11-2003, 19:37
I have a little problem. I uploaded a custom image to use as a flag, and it worked fine, but the quality wasn't very good. I recently reformatted the image on my computer to make it work better, and I made sure my new image was the right size in kb and pixels. However I can't upload a new custom image to replace my old one. Whenever I try, it keeps using the old one. Is there anything I can do about it?
05-11-2003, 19:40
Is it too big in file size (kb)?
05-11-2003, 19:53
3.62kb The limit is 6 right?
05-11-2003, 20:00
I feel foolish.

Must have been my temp internet files or something. A good refresh fixed it. Now my image is clearer and better positioned!