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02-11-2003, 20:20
My issue dont seem to upgrade at all, I still have the same one that when i have began my nations, did there is anything to do to get another one ?
02-11-2003, 20:22
Leave your region and then return to it after a UN update
02-11-2003, 21:52
Uhhh. There could be several things happening here. As you don't provide a lot of information, I'll just give a few possibilities to hopefully help in getting this sorted out. Please look at this in the order given:

1- Nations have a maximum of five issues 'in queue'. You don't get any more after that until you either decide on some or dismiss some. Perhaps this is the case here?

2- Your nation may be in vacation mode. Nations in vacation mode don't receive issues. Please check your Settings page.

3- Perhaps you set the number of issues to receive to 'None' in your Settings page? Please check.

4- If it is none of the above, there could be an error in the location registration of your nation. If so, you can try to resolve that by moving out of your region and back in. (what Phoebos said)

5- If 1 through 4 don't help... I'm out of ideas and you might need mod assistance.