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01-11-2003, 19:04
It's probably answered here somewhere, but I'm too anxious/lazy to look.

I painted(using the paint program) a map of my country. However, I don't think there's a web address for the picture, so I can't use the ["img"] BBCode. I've seen other people post painted maps though. How do they do it?
01-11-2003, 19:11
You have to get web hosting for it.

There are literaly thousands of sites out there which offer it, I suggest you try googling for something like "free hosting". Most will offer a web base upload script to stop you having to mess about with FTP.

A word of warning though, make sure your host has not disabled hotlinking of images, 'cause that would stop you linking to your map from this or another site.
01-11-2003, 19:13
I have a FreeWebs site, but I can't figure out where to post my picture on that site. Can you post pictures on that site?
01-11-2003, 19:37
I've just had a look at the FreeWebs homepage, It says it offers FTP access but does not mention browser based upload, so you'll either have to get an FTP program (eg smartftp) or find a new host.

Once you get your pic up the code will be:


You could also try, it's very quick to setup an account and gives you browser upload and enabled hot linking.

(as a last resort, you could always use:

[code:1:84e7c83c58]][img]file://**file path of image**[/img][/code:1:84e7c83c58]

But you'd only be able to see it on your computer)
01-11-2003, 20:30

Attempted map.....
01-11-2003, 20:31
Yeah! Sorry if I stretched out the screen too much, I think that's annoying whenever it happened to me. Anyway, thanks for your help, Neocracy!
01-11-2003, 20:31