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When is delegacy upadated

01-11-2003, 01:34
When does the position of delegate update, One of my regions nation has enough spots to be the delegate but has not yet when will it reset
01-11-2003, 01:47
i think its probably every 24 hours, probably 12 am server time

im not sure though, check the technical stickies and announcements
Liverpool England
01-11-2003, 02:06
Game updates as far as I know 6pm and 6 am, not sure which is which.
Timezone: EST, i think.
I'm not in the US, I would try to help, but... I believe 6am is EST - the game updates at 5 pm over here, and 6 am. [code:1:38993bc4cf](I am EDT+12/EST+11/GMT+8)[/code:1:38993bc4cf]

*the coding bit was to remove the damn smiley
01-11-2003, 04:19
testing smilees

(I am EDT+12/EST+11/GMT+8)
Tactical Grace
01-11-2003, 12:43
In the UK right now, between 9am and 11am.

Tactical Grace
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