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Best economy rating in a Democratic Socialist nation?

31-10-2003, 16:35
I've got Very Strong, and I've seen one that's got Thriving. Has anyone seen a Democratic Socialist nation do better than that?
31-10-2003, 16:48
/me searches through world UN rankings real quick, after 3 minutes finds this:

The Republic of Donatellon (, Democratic Socialists, Economy: Frightening. That's the highest Economy rationg in the game.

Since todays ranking is economic in nature (cheese exports), I figured that any nation high on the list would have a good economy.

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31-10-2003, 21:36
thanks...I wonder if they did it the same way as me (that is, by picking some pro-business options on issues when it didn't result in compromising other things that are important from a social democratic political perspective)
31-10-2003, 22:02
You might be interested by the Graphical UN Classification map ( I aim to get my Iron Fist Consumerist puppet up to Benevolent Dictatorship ;) (Recently moved to Father Knows Best)
31-10-2003, 22:43
thanks! just took another look. I'm pleased that I've managed to stay moderately socialist while maintaining a reasonably good economy. (I run my nation according to my own political convictions.)