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need help with your polls?read this!

31-10-2003, 04:29
so you don't know how to make polls?well you've come to the right place,its easy!all you do is go down to the poll qeustion,type your qeustion and then do you options.heres what It should look like
poll qeustion:what ever you ask
poll options:
something add option
if this doesn't help then telegram me for a more detailed answer.
31-10-2003, 13:02
One piece of advice (learned from experience), don't edit the original post with your poll in it. It tends to screw it up, and leads to double entries appearing. The options are still counted correctly, but it's confusing.

I also had a poll dissapear once when I edited it. I got it back but it's best just avoiding it.