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where is the new gdp calc?

30-10-2003, 23:58
I want to find the new gdp calc. i don't remember the site.
Dying Camels
31-10-2003, 00:05
31-10-2003, 04:42
Interesting page.

Mliêstôlkakûmek(Love all as you love yourself)
Racism-the other stupid ideology
Peace, love, and girls with small waists and big butts!
Letilan moths! Yay!
31-10-2003, 04:45
Hey, I like that new site! More user friendly.
31-10-2003, 06:33
Interesting page.

Yeah, it's just a JaveSpit-using front-end for the same ol' GDPCalc. Wonder why someone went to all the bother.