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30-10-2003, 13:48
can somebody tell me what BUMP means
HC Eredivisie
30-10-2003, 13:48
Bring Up My Post.
30-10-2003, 15:26
People post a message saying 'BUMP' if the sole purpose of posting is to get that topic higher up on the list of topics, which is sorted by the most-recent post in it. It's essentially a way to attract attention to a topic, when their question isn't answered yet or problem hasn't been addressed, or sometimes just because they think not enough people have had the opportunity to respond yet.

Tip: don't overuse BUMPs.

30-10-2003, 17:23
Overbumping is a no no.
Kurai Nami
30-10-2003, 17:30
Usually it's ok to Bump once the thread reaches the second or third page on the forum listing. Not the second or third page in your thread..
30-10-2003, 17:35
BUMP......W00t....I like it :D ty for letting us newbies know