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Banning from region

29-10-2003, 12:40
It'd be nice if under regional controls you could ban a state even if they are not in your region. Recently I had a state that kept coming and going posting extremely rude comments, but I could never get him banned because I never happened to log on when he was located in my region. While Slag finally deleted him, it would have saved some trouble if I could have just banned him initially. I know the obvious answer is password the region, but I'd rather not close it off to normal people who'd like to move there.
29-10-2003, 13:55
sounds good but if it's only one person there really isn't a reason to add more coding. ..I guess

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29-10-2003, 18:21
I believe it's on [violet]'s to-do list. (low-priority however)