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Responce from Violet

29-10-2003, 05:29
i know i am probably very annoying, but everytime I ask this everybody always never gives me a straight answer. So I just want [violet] to tell me when he thinks the custom prefixes are coming out.

Thanks [violet]
29-10-2003, 21:01
I always thought [violet] was a nation talked about, but never actually seen. Kinda like a super leader nation. Kinda like a .... goddess
29-10-2003, 21:10
I've seen about 20 of violet's posts
HC Eredivisie
29-10-2003, 21:11
[Violet] is our god(ess), thou shall not insult her :evil:
29-10-2003, 21:53
Sorry HCE, post edited.....