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The initial questions

27-10-2003, 09:50
Since I can find it anywhere I am opening a new topic. And I have reasons to believe I am at the right forum.

This question is about the initial questions.

Can anybody confirm, that in this game. Corporations stand for capital in the hands of private individuals, resulting in private investment with profit going to private citizens?
(does the stats it change represent that?)

And capitalism stands for low taxes, and a lot of letting free market handle things?
(does the stats it change represent that?)

If not, then how does it change your nation another way?

Assuming that it would just be easier if there was a place you could just exactly see what each questions, possible each issue, or proposal exactly does in terms of stats. If there is PLEASE point me to it, for I have not been able to find it as far.
If it is on a form, you might want to make it sticky :P
27-10-2003, 13:42
i'm not sure what you mean.. :?
27-10-2003, 15:04
This sounds like it belongs in the new forum, Got ISSues...